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Your Delivery and Transportation Approach

How much does value cost? Tried-and-true methods and metrics for calculating transportation costs include cost per mile, fixed vehicle costs, and variable expenses like fuel. However, these traditional delivery cost factors don’t include the value added for customers and suppliers alike when providing on-demand, speedy deliveries. In today’s market, many company analysts focus on determining […]

The 4 Factors for Time-Critical Deliveries

We may live in the era of free two-day shipping, but the actual logistics of expectations like that come with more than a few physical challenges. Extreme weather, traffic, the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, and a truck driver shortage are just some of the challenges you have to overcome in your supply chain to […]

How LynnCo Solved a Time-Critical Delivery for an Architectural Manufacturer

When you’re the leading manufacturer of architectural windows, walls, and entrance systems for major building projects in metropolitan areas, ensuring your deliveries are on time is non-negotiable. That was the case for this particular window manufacturer, especially after they launched a corporate initiative to specifically target large projects in big cities like Chicago and Washington, […]

Getting Started with Time-Critical Deliveries

Everyone likes on-schedule deliveries, especially when time is of the essence. In today’s fast-paced, high-expectation shipping environment, however, making time-critical deliveries on a regular basis can feel like an insurmountable challenge. But the potential benefits of adding regular time-critical deliveries to your business are worth the work to solve this logistics problem. Here are the […]

In the News

LynnCo Signs Consulting Engagement with Aquamar and Huron Capital Partners It is with great pleasure that we announce LynnCo has signed a consulting engagement with Aquamar in Rancho Cucamonga, California, for a site location study and analysis. Aquamar is an experienced surimi seafood production and distribution company with a reputation for safe, high-quality products with […]

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In the News

In case you missed it, LynnCo’s cybersecurity best practices were featured in CIOReview. LynnCo Partners with NewAir We are pleased to announce LynnCo has signed a consulting engagement with NewAir, a holding company of Hawkins & Doyle partners. NewAir is a premier provider of custom built and luxury home appliances. We look forward to working […]

Risk Mitigation’s Crucial Role in the Supply Chain

Considering 2017 holds the title for the costliest storm season on record in the United States with approximately $200 billion in damage and Wall Street determined the Equifax data breach cost the company at least $4 billion, it comes as no surprise risk was a common theme and concern throughout the year. With impacts from transportation disruptions — like Houston […]

Steps for Reducing Cyber Risks in Your Supply Chain

Today’s supply chain requires collaborative transparency from your supplier to your business and your customers. And it’s not a straight line; most logistics networks are less like “chains” and more like highly complex multilayered webs. Consider, for example, the supply chain that made your laptop. It comprises hundreds of components ranging from a Seagate hard […]

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