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Learn How to Create an Effective Traceability Program

Tracking and traceability programs are not only becoming assets but also requirements for effective supply chain management (SCM). Utilizing these programs can help company leaders mitigate risks, protect their brands, and address compliance with industry and government regulations. Being able to pinpoint exact statuses and trace assets throughout entire supply chains are no longer desired […]

Understand Amazon Seller Flex

In fall 2017, industry reports and headlines alluding to and then outright naming the Amazon Seller Flex program began appearing. What is the program and how could it affect the industry as a whole? And, more specifically, how might it affect major shippers like FedEx and UPS Inc.? What is Seller Flex? According to a […]

Time for Change: 2018 Supply Chain Innovations

2018 appears poised to be the year of supply chain disruptions with technology developments affecting everyone from those on factory floors to executives in board rooms. Innovations are taking place at lightening speeds, and savvy supply chain leaders in companies large and small are starting to implement these solutions across their global supply chains. Let’s […]

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What To Know About Import Compliance

How does trade compliance impact your company? Keeping within compliance laws is critical to eliminate hold ups along transportation. Everyday business operations for all companies are competing for the best balance of supply and demand. Best practices Classification and valuation — All importers and exporters involved in transportation are held responsible for declaring a product’s […]

Do Not Allow a Lack of Trade Compliance Controls to Cost You $20 Million

To stay ahead in an ever-expanding marketplace, it’s important that companies focus on mitigating risks and avoiding non-compliance. While global supply networks grow and become more complex, global rules and regulations also continue to evolve. As products and services offer more variety and customization, technology takes on an ever-growing role, supply channels become more intricate, […]

LynnCo’s Global Reach

Companies of all sizes are stretching beyond their national borders to fulfill business orders and needs across all nations — from a small interior design firm in Indiana sourcing fabrics from Europe to a construction equipment parts supplier receiving shipments from Asia. With this global reach comes the complexity of international supply chain. As borders […]

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Communication Through Transportation

In a world where communication is constantly adapting to the population needs, each company is required to keep up with the trends by changing their process flow so as not to fall behind. Large-scale supply chain differs from a smaller, locally-faced supply chain. When handling large equipment or machinery, the different processes required to transport […]

Communication Efficiency

Communication plays a key role in supply chain success. Without proper communication between all channels, errors and inefficiencies are far more likely to occur. Today, one of the greatest tools that enables us to communicate efficiently with channel members is technology. Technology in the supply chain industry can help to simplify the transportation management process. […]

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