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Supplier Accountability Program Improves End-to-End Supply Chain Management

Supply chains have grown more intricate, increasing end-to-end vendor management difficulties. The complexities of a supply chain from planning, sourcing, and procurement to manufacturing, logistics, and distribution make the management of vendor partnerships increasingly unwieldy. Manufacturers must handle the unpredictability from dozens of stakeholders, including early shipments, late shipments, and increased order sizes. So how […]

Leverage Supply Chain Innovation to Regain a Competitive Edge

Every industry sector in every country has felt the effects of innovation. Yet 84% of supply chain and logistics professionals report their organizations are lagging or are just average when it comes to digital maturity. The irony here is getting raw materials from point A to point B is the backbone in a whole range […]

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LynnCo Named Among Top 10 in Big Data by CIO Review LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions joins an elite number of companies that have earned a spot among the Top 10 Big Data Companies of 2018, selected by CIO Review. In a deliberate session with honorary industrial experts, a list of 10 Most Promising Big Data Companies […]

Four Characteristics of Successful Supply Chain Partnerships

In the supply chain game, collaboration with a partner can help organizations cut waste and create long-term sustainability. Supply Chain Management Review sings the praises of these partnerships, suggesting the benefits “extend beyond improved efficiency and effectiveness to include helping all the supply chain members meet customer demands, grow markets, and increase competitive market share.” […]

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Your Delivery and Transportation Approach

How much does value cost? Tried-and-true methods and metrics for calculating transportation costs include cost per mile, fixed vehicle costs, and variable expenses like fuel. However, these traditional delivery cost factors don’t include the value added for customers and suppliers alike when providing on-demand, speedy deliveries. In today’s market, many company analysts focus on determining […]

The 4 Factors for Time-Critical Deliveries

We may live in the era of free two-day shipping, but the actual logistics of expectations like that come with more than a few physical challenges. Extreme weather, traffic, the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, and a truck driver shortage are just some of the challenges you have to overcome in your supply chain to […]

How LynnCo Solved a Time-Critical Delivery for an Architectural Manufacturer

When you’re the leading manufacturer of architectural windows, walls, and entrance systems for major building projects in metropolitan areas, ensuring your deliveries are on time is non-negotiable. That was the case for this particular window manufacturer, especially after they launched a corporate initiative to specifically target large projects in big cities like Chicago and Washington, […]

Getting Started with Time-Critical Deliveries

Everyone likes on-schedule deliveries, especially when time is of the essence. In today’s fast-paced, high-expectation shipping environment, however, making time-critical deliveries on a regular basis can feel like an insurmountable challenge. But the potential benefits of adding regular time-critical deliveries to your business are worth the work to solve this logistics problem. Here are the […]

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